Ohio State football: First lawsuit at Big Ten has been filed

The first lawsuit directed at the Big Ten over the cancelation of the Fall sports season has been filed. Will Ohio State follow up with one of their own?

There have been rumors of lawsuits being filed at the Big Ten for the last few weeks. It looked like parents of Nebraska football players were going to do something soon. Now it looks like the first domino has fallen in terms of lawsuits, and it comes from the Cornhuskers.

Eight Nebraska football players have filed a lawsuit against the conference to overturn its decision of canceling the Fall football season. Some of these players have parents who were involved in threatening a lawsuit against the Big Ten as well.

It’s interesting that the players themselves decided to file a lawsuit before their parents. Nebraska, along with Ohio State, has been one of the most vocal universities in their opposition to this decision. Could Ohio State players file their own lawsuit soon?

The answer is yes they could. If Buckeye players wanted to, they could file a lawsuit that follows a similar structure to what the Cornhusker players have done. The lawsuit by them alleges many things, including breach of contract, declaratory judgment, and wrongful interference with business expectations.

Would a lawsuit actually get the decision to be overturned? Highly unlikely. It’s already August 27th. Any hope at a Fall season is gone now unless they decided to somehow start at the end of September and not have any bye weeks involved. This process has taken too long to make meaningful change.

It really is a shame that it has come down to this. If the Big Ten would have simply been transparent about why the decision was made and who ultimately made the decision, this wouldn’t be nearly as big of an issue as it currently is.

If Ohio State players do decide to take legal action, we will let you know.