Ohio State Football: Could Ohio State open the season with Michigan?

With the Big Ten announcing that they are going to an all-conference schedule this fall, there are many things likely to change. One of the differences you could see this year is the timing of the biggest games.

Ohio State wants to play football this year. The players want to be on that field and have the chance to compete for whatever postseason glories exist.

The Big Ten has said that the only way for players to have a chance at playing this fall is to play a schedule that consists exclusively of Big Ten opponents.

With this new schedule, one of the benefits Gene Smith addresses is flexibility.

“The biggest thing for us was the opportunity to have September and create some flexibility. If we’re able to play in September and something occurs in late September or early October, we can pause. We can hit the pause button and provide a window of opportunity for student-athletes to not be put at risk.”

If flexibility is the key, then the traditional schedule might get thrown out the window, making sure teams play their biggest games this season, and leaving some of the other matchups for later.

For both the Buckeyes and Wolverines, there is not a bigger game than “The Game.” This is usually one of the events towards the top of TV ratings and viewership throughout the season.

So why not kick off the season with the biggest game in the Big Ten?

This would be a huge way to start the season and get fans excited even though non-conference matchups have been removed.

Putting this game at the beginning of the season would also make sure that it is most likely to happen. Waiting until the end of November would require a lot of things to go right throughout the season.

The season might move forward without a hitch and November would have worked perfectly, but there are many people that don’t want to take that chance.

This could also be an option if Ohio State and Michigan decide they want to do a home-and-home series this season.

What better way for the Buckeyes to start and end a very weird season than to beat TTUN to open and close out the year.

But, if they only play once, would you rather stick to the traditional post-Thanksgiving clash, or ensure The Game happens and play it right off the bat?