Ohio State Football: Most exciting teams for OSU to add to schedule

The Big Ten has announced that they will be playing conference games this fall, if any games are played. What would be the top teams for Ohio State to add to a conference slate?

First off, until a schedule is released there is no certainty that the 9 games Ohio State currently has slated against Big Ten foes will stay where they are. Anything can still change at this point.

But, with those 9 games as a starting point, we know the ideal situation is for Ohio State to add one more conference opponent.

There are a few options on the table including scheduling a potential home-and-home series with an East Division opponent, but let’s turn our attention West to the teams that would be the most fun to schedule this season.


Going up against the team that is the favorite to win the West would be great for a TV slate that is now missing out on top non-conference games. Both Ohio State (Oregon) and Wisconsin (Notre Dame) will lose marquee matchups that were expected at the beginning of the year.

Why not replace that with a clash of divisional powerhouses.

This would be a fun game to watch when the pressure is not like it will be in the Big Ten Championship game. The more these teams play each other, the better the games will get, right?


If Ohio State doesn’t want to schedule another football giant, they may want to ease over a recent bitter memory.

The last time Ohio State played Purdue it did not end well for the Scarlet and Gray. Giving this squad a chance at redeeming the lopsided loss could be a good way to get Buckeye Nation excited about playing another West opponent.

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What team from the West Division would you be most excited about scheduling during the 2020 season? You may have another interesting matchup in mind.


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