Ohio State Football: J.T. Barrett is cemented as Buckeyes’ best QB Ever

NORMAN, OK - SEPTEMBER 17: J.T. Barrett /

An Ohio State football career like no other.

In two-and-a-half weeks, the Ohio State football team will officially enter the post J.T. Barrett era.

Looking back on the awesome career this young man has had leading this program, it is easy to understand why the coaches and players embrace Barrett.

He owns every meaningful Ohio State quarterback record.  He is 37-6 as a starter and has thrown for 9309 yards and 104 touchdowns.  He’s rushed for 41 touchdowns.

He also beat Michigan four times.  That alone places him on Ohio State’s Mt. Rushmore, but there’s more.

Barrett’s also been named the Griese-Brees Big Ten Quarterback of the Year three times while collecting two Big Ten Championships.

More importantly, Barrett is the only three-time captain.

That speak volumes about how his teammates feel about his leadership.

There have been low points over the last four seasons including getting injured against Michigan in 2014, losing his starting role to Cardale Jones in 2015, getting arrested for a DUI and losing badly to Clemson and Iowa.

For this, there is a vocal minority that will never embrace Barrett as the greatest quarterback to play for the Buckeyes.

The absence of a national championship as a starter is a mark against him that they cannot forget.

I’ve been caught up in that noise at times and on some level he does shoulder some of the blame. Passion often clouds rational judgement.

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This is a team game and the truth is holding Barrett accountable for not capturing a playoff championship is ridiculous.

Barrett is a baller and he’s given Buckeye Nation four years of highlights to cherish for generations to come.

He has one game remaining to put his final exclamation point on his stellar career.

USC is a formidable opponent and any old-school fan wishes this game were 1500 miles to the West in the Rose Bowl.  That would be an epic setting for Barrett’s last game.

Instead, he’s going back home to Texas playing in a stadium that he probably wishes he were playing in three years ago.

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I cannot imagine the team playing below peak performance sending Barrett out with one final win.  When the Buckeyes win, they should carry him out.  He’s earned it.