How Ohio State football has done historically versus new Big 12

The Ohio State Buckeyes opened up the season with a Big Ten win over Indiana on Saturday.
The Ohio State Buckeyes opened up the season with a Big Ten win over Indiana on Saturday. /
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As we continue on our way to another football Saturday, it seems that people have forgotten about the wave of conference realignment that just took place in front of our very own eyes. The PAC-12 saga was something to behold as we saw a conference die right in front of our own very eyes. We saw the Ohio State football program gain two incredible foes in Oregon and Washington.

In this destruction of the Conference of Champions, we also saw four universities join the Big 12. Those four schools are Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah. While these schools will be joining the Big 12 conference in 2024, we should not forget that they also added schools for this season.

This season, you will notice that BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF are all playing under the Big 12 logo. This is because back in 2021, they were accepted and admitted to join the conference. So when the 2024 season comes along, you won’t see Texas and Oklahoma in the conference, instead, you will see a new Big 12.

This new Big 12 spans from Orlando, all the way to Provo, Utah. This leaves the question, How has the Ohio State football team faired all-time versus this new look Big 12? That is what we will be looking at today unless the Big 12 randomly decides to expand again, this is how Ohio State has done against the Big 12 of the future. So there will be no Oklahoma or Texas in this. Back in June, FanSided published an article on how Ohio State fared against their Big Ten foes. This will be a similar article. All stats will be provided by Winsipedia