Ohio State needs help to make the College Football Playoff again

COLUMBUS, OH - NOVEMBER 18: Damon Webb /

Ohio State has a chance to make the playoff again but may need some help.

The College Football Playoff Committee’s latest ranking ensures that this will be the best final week in 10 years.

The Top 11 teams all have a shot at making the College Football Playoff.  Realistically, Penn State and USC are long shots and TCU needs significant help, but the possibilities are there for each team to finish in the top four.

In 1998, UCLA and Kansas State both lost in the final week.  Tennessee was on the ropes against Mississippi State, but prevailed with a fourth quarter comeback.

Florida State was the beneficiary rising to No. 2 in the BCS and Ohio State was left with a Sugar Bowl game against Texas A&M.

In 2007, Missouri lost to Oklahoma for the second time in the Big 12 Championship and West Virginia lost to Pitt knocking out the top two teams.

LSU, which lost to Arkansas in the final week of the regular season, but beat Tennessee in the SEC Championship and Ohio State ended up playing for the title.

Like 1998, 2007 and even 2014, the Buckeyes find themselves in a familiar position.  They need help.

Will they get it?

Here are some scenarios.

Let’s assume no upsets occur.  Clemson, Oklahoma and Auburn all win.

In this case, Ohio State is battling Alabama for the final spot.

The Buckeyes will have two trump cards.  A conference championship and a better strength of schedule.

They will still have the Iowa loss hanging over them.

I suspect the CFP Committee will favor the Buckeyes to avoid having two teams from the same conference in the playoff.

If there are upsets, the path gets a little more muddy.

If Georgia and TCU win, would the Committee choose the Buckeyes over the Horned Frogs again?

I realize TCU is currently No. 11, but that is merely placement based on how the season has unfolded.

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If TCU wins the Big 12, its best win will be against a team that beat Ohio State.  I think that will difficult to ignore.

The Committee will likely elect to go with Alabama.

What if there is complete chaos and Georgia, Miami, TCU and USC all win?

If this occurs, I believe the Buckeyes are out.  Clemson or Alabama will get the fourth spot.

Bottom line, Buckeye Nation can argue and whine all that it wants but the loss to Hawkeyes is weighing down Ohio State’s resume.

A beatdown over Wisconsin will not happen either.   The Badgers are ready for this fight and the game will be tight.

What Ohio State needs is Oklahoma, Clemson and Auburn to win and the Committee to value a conference championship more than any other variable.

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If that happens, the Buckeyes will get their third shot.  If not, the consolation prize might be a Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl bid against Alabama.  That would be nice too.