Systemic Failure For Ohio State in Loss to Sooners


A poor offensive showing by Ohio State in loss to Oklahoma.

After Ohio State took a devastating 31-0 loss to Clemson in the College Football Playoff semifinal last December, Coach Urban Meyer said, “This won’t happen again.”

Well it did.  Maybe not the shutout, but definitely the offensive flop.

The loss to Oklahoma was a systemic failure that starts and ends with Meyer, but Kevin Wilson needs to be taken to the woodshed.

Despite the pathetic showing in the first half, blood was in the water in the third quarter two times and Wilson’s play calling was mindblowingly absurd.

J.K. Dobbins was rolling with 29 yards in the second drive of the half.  His running opened up the offense allowing the 31-yard pass play to Austin Mack.  The line was taking control and then Wilson goes away from power on the seven-yard line with three awful play calls.

Dobbins did not touch the ball and instead of being up 17-10, they settled for a field goal.

The defense then has its best series with a three and out giving the offense a shot at putting a dagger into Oklahoma.

They blow it by gaining just five yards on the series.

I am wondering where is the fiery Urban Meyer?  In the past, he would have buried an opponent.

At this point, a Division III school could defend this offense.

There will be scrutiny on the defense too and they certainly deserve some of the blame for allowing the middle of the field to be exposed all night.  The secondary looked lost.

Regardless, the Silver Bullets were on the field too much because the offense failed to execute.

Can this team rebound?  Sure, but this loss exposed weaknesses that good teams will continue to expose.

At the risk of sounding like a Texas A&M Regents member, I think a fair question to ask Meyer on Monday is why did Wilson kill momentum in the third quarter by moving away from the best playmaker this offense has right now?

Everyone will point to 2014 and say this team can rebound.  I am not sold on this narrative. We are two seasons and two games removed from an Ohio State offense with an identity.

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I am struggling to maintain perspective. I have bought into everything Meyer has brought to the program, but the offensive downslide is alarming.  I am wondering whether the talent is sub par or the coaches are failing.

My concern is Wilson will try to save himself by saying Barrett is not the man causing dissension in the program.

I am not convinced this is accurate considering Parris Campbell and Terry McLaurin have blown two sure touchdowns in back to back weeks.  At some point, an Ohio State receiver must step up to make plays.

Right now, there is a void of leadership on the offensive side of the ball.  Meyer hitched his wagon to Barrett and it is not paying off.  Will he make a change to see if it injects life into his anemic offense?

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I doubt it which mean Wilson better find a way to get this offense humming or it will be another disappointing season.