2012 Ohio State Recruiting Class: Building Blocks for Success


The players in the 2012 Ohio State were key players in the success of the Buckeyes.

Pat Elflein was the last remaining player in the 2012 Ohio State recruiting class last season and he’s moving on the NFL. Since all are now gone, let’s take a look back at the players in the class who were the building blocks for the Buckeyes’ success the last five years.

Urban Meyer took the head coaching job at Ohio State when the 2012 class, was about 60 percent completed. Many of those players may not have been exactly the kind of players he was looking for to fit his system but he honored their commitments.

A few of those players, as well as some of those Urban recruited to the class, became solid building blocks to the success that woild soon follow.  Let’s take a quick look at those players in the 2012 class who impacted the Ohio State run.

There would be no reason to discuss this class without first mentioning the stellar play of the ‘Slobs’. Jacoby Boren and Pat Elflein were two of the lowest ranked players in the class and were local kids recruited by Luke Fickell. Taylor Decker was a 4 star tackle Urban pulled into the class late in the cycle and he proved to be deserving of that ranking. Ezekiel Elliott’s two outstanding rushing seasons for the Buckeyes, as well as the national championship run, would not have occurred without these three guys leading the way.

One wide receiver had a difficult time at first to say the least. Michael Thomas was even redshirted his sophomore season without being injured. He made up for it in spades later on though.

The light bulb came on for Thomas and he became a “go to” receiver for Ohio State the next two years. He caught more than 50 passes each of those seasons and became a second round pick in the NFL draft.

Who can explain the performance by Cardale Jones in the 2014 postseason? Without his outstanding play, there would be one less item in the Ohio State trophy case.

Defensive lineman Adolphus Washington was a terrific player for the Buckeyes who became an All-American. He was a 5 star 245 pound defensive end, and was coach Fickell’s final recruit before Urban Meyer took the reigns. After switching to the middle of the line, Washington was outstanding at nose tackle and at playing the three technique.

Defensive tackle Tommy Schutt battled injuries his entire time at Ohio State. However, Schutt performed well whenever he was able to play.

What can you say about Josh Perry? He was as fine a linebacker as you could hope for and a great leader. What a combo!

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Tyvis Powell was an outstanding nickleback his redshirt freshman season and then an outstanding safety. He always seemed to be able to come up with a big play when it was needed.

Cam Williams was one of those players every championship team needs. He was a solid backup at both the middle and outside linebacker and was called on from time to time to fill in. He was an outstanding special teams player who Urban called his coach on the field.

I also want to credit Armani Reeves, Warren Ball and De’van Bogard as well. All played well as backups and on special teams until their injuries got the best of them.

Frankly, the retention in the 2012 Ohio State recruiting class was terrible. An inordinate number of players left after their first season and several more did after that. It didn’t appear at first like it would be a very good class.

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However, the players who stayed around became the nucleus of one of the best five year runs in Ohio State history. Just look at those players from the 2012 class and imagine how things would have been different without them on the team.