Super Bowl: Think the NFL Wishes it Were Zeke vs Patriots?


What a Super Bowl that would be.

Can you imagine if the Dallas Cowboys would have made it to the Super Bowl and faced the New England Patriots? The ratings would be through the roof.

The NFL would have loved it. TV ratings were down across the league during the 2016 season, but for some reason viewers tuned in to watch the Cowboys. I wonder why? Could it be that Zeke carried the ball for both the Cowboys and the NFL?

Three NFL teams historically do well in the ratings. People watch the New England Patriots because they are always good and most fans either love or hate them. People pay attention to the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys because they are soap operas on and off the field, and most people don’t want to miss the next episode.

Of those three teams, only the Cowboys were “Must See TV” during the season. I’m certain it’s because of the “Zeke effect”.

I know it is in part due to the successful season the Cowboys had, as well as the fine play of their rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. But those two things are in large part due to the season Zeke had. Prescott won the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, but Elliott would have run away with the Fan Favorite Award.

When Elliott played for Ohio State, he was the most exciting player in the country to watch, unless of course you were an Alabama fan. When he took his talents to the NFL, did anyone expect that to change?

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That’s because Elliott has the characteristics of another player who elevated his sport his rookie season. In fact, you could make a case that Zeke was “Magic” in 2016.

Even a Larry Bird fan like myself appreciated the passion Magic Johnson had for basketball. If anyone looked like he just was having fun playing the sport he loved it was Magic Johnson. Zeke shows that same love and passion for football.

Can you imagine Zeke going up against the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Outside of New England and Alabama, nearly everyone would be rooting for the Cowboys. Elliott is known to perform well under the spotlight so there would be a very good chance he would score a touchdown at some point.

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While I’m certain there isn’t a big Salvation Army kettle behind the end zone to jump into, I’m sure he would find some fun way to celebrate. In any event, you would have to tune in to see just what Zeke might do.