Ohio State Football: Fierce Battle Looming for the No.2 QB Position

The battle for the backup QB spot at Ohio State should be interesting.

Over the last two seasons, Ohio State has endured considerable turnover with players leaving early to the NFL.  That’s part of the gig as an elite program.

One spot with a massive logjam is at quarterback.  J.T. Barrett returning for a fifth season postpones any hope for the three backups to become the starter barring injury.

The fiercest competition in the spring and fall camp will be who wins the No. 2 QB job.

It will be interesting to see how new offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson evaluates the talent.  He’ll have one dual-threat quarterback, one accurate quarterback and one big-arm quarterback.

History leans toward the accurate quarterback, but my bet is Haskins supplants Burrow and Martell will redshirt setting up the stage for an epic battle in the spring of 2018 to replace Barrett.

If Burrow does lose the job, especially if it is in the spring, I would not be surprised if he breaks his Twitter announcement and transfers.

The biggest question is will either Haskins or Martell have the resolve to swallow their pride to remain a Buckeye if they lose the job in 2018?

There’s no shame in that.  Hundreds of guys would jump at the chance to be part of this program, but the winner will have at least three-years eligibility remaining.

Urban Meyer only recruits highly ranked athletes who are competitive. However, unlike other positions with the exception of kickers, there is only one spot available as a quarterback.

If they are as competitive as we think they are, one will be gone as Emory Jones will be on campus next spring.

That’s okay, coach Meyer’s job is to win championships.  A survival of the fittest environment will produce the best athletes to reach that goal.

The future is definitely bright at quarterback for Ohio State.  Whoever wins the job in 2018 will have the pieces in play to win a lot of games.  I think that will be Martell.