Ohio State Football: Where Will Curtis Samuel Be Chosen in the Draft?


Ohio State all-purpose back Curtis Samuel may be in a good position when it comes to the NFL draft.

Everyone expected Curtis Samuel to enter the NFL draft following his outstanding 2016 season. After all, the Ohio State all-purpose back put up numbers last season that rivaled Percy Harvin’s most productive year at the University of Florida.

However, his draft status appears to be much different at the moment than Harvin’s was in 2009. I don’t think anyone expects Samuel to be the 22nd pick of the first round like Harvin was, but just where will he be chosen in the upcoming draft?

The projections I have read by the draft “experts” to this point have Samuel going anywhere from the second to the fourth round. He is a first round talent but what position(s) will he play in the NFL?

Some have him as the sixth best running back coming out and that will move a guy down in the draft order. NFL general managers have been burned lately using high picks on running backs. Also, Samuel is ranked below Christian McCaffrey, another multi-purpose back.

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There is an upside for both backs though. Teams struggling on offense who need a feature back, may pass on them and choose a bigger back, as both of the two are in the 200 pound range. That could land Samuel and McCaffrey on teams with good offenses in need that missing piece, and think that one of these two could be it.

A team who needs a backup running back to carry the ball 10-15 times a game and return kicks may choose McCaffrey. He has already produced in those two areas. However, another team may want Samuel to play the slot, some wide-out and to be a third down back.

In today’s wide open NFL offenses, it’s hard to see every team passing on these two all-purpose backs twice. I think McCaffrey will probably go in the first round, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Samuel did as well. Especially if he were to have an excellent Combine.

One mock draft had McCaffrey as the 31st pick in the first round going to the New England Patriots. The Dallas Cowboys, with the 32nd pick, are projected to go with defense just like many thought they would last year. Remember, the Cowboys drafted an Ohio State running back instead and that worked out pretty well didn’t it?

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Could it happen again? Think about Ezekiel Elliott and Curtis Samuel reunited in the Dallas offense. That may be enough to make a long time Cleveland Browns fan pass over to the dark side and become a Cowboy fan.