All-Decade Ohio State Football Dream Team (2005-2015)

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H-Back: Braxton Miller (2011-13; 2015)

Before Urban Meyer introduced his spread offense to the Ohio State football program, this position wouldn’t even be mentioned in this article. And since he has introduced it, many speedsters have excelled in this role. However, this list wouldn’t be complete without Braxton Miller on it. I just wish that he had gotten the ball more during his senior season, when he decided to switch from quarterback to h-back/wide receiver.

Despite limited touches in 2015, Miller is still the best player (skill wise) that has played the position at Ohio State. The speed and elusiveness needed to perfect such a role was on display during his entire career, and that’s partly why he now has more total yards of offense (8,950) than anyone in Ohio State history. His entire career can be summed up in one play:

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