Cardale Jones sets record straight about beating kid in hospital at NCAA Football


Back in January, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones infamously played a game of the NCAA Football video game at a local hospital. It was reported that he ended up beating some kid with a score of 91-35, a complete domination.

Today, Cardale decided to open up on the incident and give an update on how things went down. According to Mr. Jones, the game was actually even more of a beat down than what was previously reported. He took to his personal Twitter account to set the record straight.

Cardale clearly didn’t want anyone to think the game was close, so he made sure to inform us all of the actual score, which increased his previously reported lead by a touchdown.

Hopefully the kid that he played wasn’t too upset about his performance, as Jones certainly didn’t go easy on him. You would have to think that Cardale has a slight advantage over the casual video game player, with his actual football playing experience at a high level. He can probably read defenses and routes better than the average guy living in their mom’s basement.

The score is definitely impressive, but no one is able to confirm whether or not the kid that he played was any good. So Cardale, if you read this, why don’t you send me your gamer tag and we can see who’s really the best at video games? You can find me on Xbox Live as “O Doggy Fresh”.

Although Jones probably has more important things to do, as he prepares to become Ohio State’s starting quarterback next season. With J.T. Barrett and Braxton Miller still recovering from injuries, Jones figures to have the lead in the quarterback competition so far.

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