Will Kacmarek gives the Ohio State football team something it's been lacking

The Ohio State football team added a tight end who is a massive upgrade as far as being a blocker is concerned from Cade Stover.

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When Will Kacmarek became the first player to commit to the Ohio State football program from the transfer portal, Buckeye fans were underwhelmed by the former Ohio University tight end. They were hoping for a name that would make a splash rather than one that made them ask, “Who?” While he may be the least heralded of this OSU transfer crop, he gives the Buckeye offense something they’ve been lacking: a tight end who is an accomplished blocker.

I’m sure many Buckeye fans are surprised to learn that Cade Stover was only an adequate blocker at best. Being good at blocking combines a willingness to be physical with having good technique. Stover certainly nailed the physical part, but his technique was spotty. Kacmarek, who says he loves to block, possesses both and that is going to be a big help to the OSU run game.

His blocking may have made him very attractive to Ryan Day, but Kacmarek is certainly not one-dimensional. He is a good receiver who caught 42 passes for over 500 yards in his two seasons with the Bobcats. Watch him and you’ll see he has good hands and can extend his long arms to snag a ball. He’s athletic and shows the ability to make a variety of catches. The junior from St. Louis is comfortable lining up near the line of scrimmage, in the slot or even spilt-out wide. At 6’6”, he can be a matchup nightmare for linebackers and safeties.

Okay, so let’s address the Power 4 elephant in the room. Can Kacmarek be as effective when consistently playing better competition than he faced in the MAC? I’m going to say yes, because if Ryan Day and his staff didn’t believe he could make the leap to higher competition, Kacmarek would not be a Buckeye. He’s a late bloomer who was only a two-star defensive lineman coming out of high school. I think he has a high ceiling and will continue to develop at the position, especially with the addition of Chip Kelly.

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He'll battle veteran Gee Scott, Jr. and ultra-talented Jelani Thurman for playing time. Kacmarek may not become the starter, but his blocking ability is going to have a positive affect on the Ohio State football team as a whole.