Why Michigan had 10 more players invited to the NFL Combine than the Ohio State football team

The Ohio State football program had eight players invited to the NFL Combine this year. Michigan had 18. Why is there such a big disparity?

Ohio State v Wisconsin
Ohio State v Wisconsin / John Fisher/GettyImages

The Ohio State football team had many outstanding players in 2023. Many of the good players who could still return have decided to come back for 2024. Out of all the players who haven't returned, eight have been invited to the NFL Combine.

Michigan is sending 18 players, leading College Football. This may look impressive, but if you really look, all it does is hurt them. On a football team, you have 22 starters, which means Michigan has to fill 18 holes between offense and defense. Because of this many speculate that they won't perform to a high level in this coming season. Like ESPN who has them at No. 13 out of 25. In the new 12-team playoffs, Michigan most won't make it if they end at 13.

The eight players from Ohio State who are going to the NFL combine are wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., tight end Cade Stover, running back Miyan Williams, offensive lineman Matthew Jones, Defensive tackle Michael Hall Jr, linebacker Steele Chambers, linebacker Tommy Eichenberg, and safety Josh Proctor. While yes those are holes to fill, most of them have already been filled by the Buckeyes.

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Even though Michigan has 10 more players heading to the NFL combine, it doesn't really help them in any way other than bragging rights. The Ohio State football program is better suited to be successful in 2024 because they keep more of their good players than TTUN does.

Of course, things will be settled on the field at the end of November. Michigan has gotten the better of the Buckeyes for the last three years. Let's see if the Buckeyes can finally buck that trend and get a win.