When will the Ohio State football team miss the Playoff again?

The Ohio State football team should make the College Football Playoff every year now that it's going to 12 teams. When is the next time that's in danger of not happening?
Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

For the first time in the 10 years of the College Football Playoff, I had a weird peaceful feeling about the Ohio State football team not making the playoff (when it came out, not after The Game). I realized that they were not one of the best 4 teams in football this year, and looking back on the season, probably never were one of the best. However, it also made me think about what it will be like when they miss the college football playoff again. 

Many people have argued that it will be mainly the same teams in it every year, and I think there is some truth to that. However, not every team will be the same and some programs are going to have down years. But for Ohio State, when will they miss the Playoff again?

Since Jim Tressel’s first year at Ohio State (2001), the Buckeyes have been ranked outside the top 12 three times at the end of the year. That ranking has not happened since the 2011 season when they were 6-7 and Luke Fickell was the interim coach. In fact, the lowest ranking they have had since then is #12, but we were ranked #7 going into the bowl game. 

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With the Big Ten expanding, I understand that the Buckeyes might have years where they do not make the 12-team playoff. However, I know that missing the expanded playoff will certainly hurt Ohio State football fans a lot more than the current playoff will.