Two words make this question the most important this Spring for Ohio State football

Spring is a time to answer questions for the Ohio State football team. There are two big ones that need to be answered.
Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The questions began almost as soon as fans finished suffering through that miserable Cotton Bowl. Who will be next season’s quarterback? What will they do at WILL linebacker? Who will line up at safety? As the Ohio State football team's spring practice begins, THE biggest question comes down to two words: anyone and anything. If you can’t block ANYONE, you can’t do ANYTHING. If you question that statement, please refer back to that aforementioned Cotton Bowl.

The offensive line is easily the biggest question of the spring for the Buckeyes. More specifically, the right side of the offensive line is what needs answers. They will find a quarterback as there are plenty to choose from. A leader will emerge at WILL linebacker. Two of the three safety positions are pretty much decided and, like at quarterback, there is plenty to choose from for that third. But the right side of the offensive line is the real concern.

Josh Fryar, last year’s starter at right tackle, could move inside to guard where he appears better suited and more comfortable. That leaves the tackle spot to be decided. Sophomores Tegra Tshabola and Luke Montgomery are expected to wage a battle for the position, but will either show they are ready to be a starter? Will someone else emerge from those behind them and make a push for the job?

If neither Tshabola, Montgomery or someone else fails to impress the coaches enough to make them believe one can be the starter, I think you’ll see the Buckeyes look to the transfer portal after spring practice ends. For Ryan Day and his offensive staff to stand pat and not look to add a player, they are going to have to be very confident someone on the current roster has seized or has shown the ability to seize the job before the first game of the 2024 season.

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Many of the Buckeyes’ spring questions have clear a path to answers, but the most important one does not. If you can’t block anyone, you can’t do anything. What happens with the right side of the offensive line is easily the most important question this spring for the Ohio State football team. Because if they are going to make a serious national title run, there can’t be question marks on the offensive line.