Top candidates for the Ohio State football team's Running Backs coaching position

The Ohio State football team needs to fill the running backs coach position. Here are some guys who could be right for the job.
Notre Dame running backs coach Deland McCullough during Notre Dame Fall Camp on Wednesday, July 26,
Notre Dame running backs coach Deland McCullough during Notre Dame Fall Camp on Wednesday, July 26, / John Mersits / USA TODAY NETWORK

After Tony Alford left Ohio State to go to Ann Arbor, the Ohio State football program needs a running backs coach. Here's who I think Ohio State should look at for their new running backs coach position.

First up is Robert Gillespie from Alabama. He's been coaching running backs in big college football leagues since 2006, moving around quite a bit before landing with Nick Saban's crew. He's also got a fancy title now, assistant head coach, which might make him hard to take away from Tuscaloosa.

But hey, it's worth a shot, right? Gillespie's not just good with players, he's also amazing at recruiting. He's pulled in some top-notch talent, including Justice Haynes, a five-star running back who chose Alabama over Ohio State. Even though he's not tied to Ohio State, he's worth calling up.

Next, we've got Deland McCullough from Notre Dame. You might recognize the name because his son almost played for Ohio State. McCullough's been coaching running backs for a while, bouncing between colleges and the NFL.

He's got strong connections in the Midwest, playing college ball in Ohio and spending time with the Cincinnati Bengals. Plus, he's brought in some top players like Jeremiyah Love and Kedren Young. Notre Dame's running game has been solid too. With his background and connections, he could be a great fit.

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Ohio State has options, and they're not shy about spending money to get the best. So, Coach Day should be able to get really whoever. No need to worry about finding someone top-notch for the job. For now, he's running the meetings, which is something he's never done. Day mentioned that they are going to take their time with this hire to make sure they have the right guy, so we may not see a hire for a couple of weeks.