Three most impactful transfers in and out of the Ohio State football program so far

The Ohio State football program has seen a lot of movement in and out of the transfer portal so far. Here are the three most impactful players to either join the Buckeyes or leave them.
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The Ohio State football team has gotten more active in the transfer portal since the bowl game ended. Since the portal became a thing, they haven't been super-active in it. They have decided to try to develop the kids they recruited to make up for the depth lost in the portal.

Ryan Day is going to have to start using the portal more often, especially with recruiting not building the depth on the offensive or defensive lines. The portal window is about to close for most teams now that the five-day window after each team's game is done for all but two teams though.

With what has happened so far for the Buckeyes, which players have been the most impactful for them, either moving in or out of the portal? I made a list of the top three guys that I think affected the Ohio State football program the most with their use of the transfer portal.

The first person on the list is someone the Buckeyes just added on Thursday to the program for next year.

1. Will Howard

It's hard to get more impactful than adding a new starting quarterback to a program. That's exactly what the Ohio State football program is getting in Will Howard. The Kansas State transfer is coming in to be the starter next season in his final year of eligibility.

Howard gives the Buckeyes more running ability from the QB position. His mobility is going to be needed because the offensive line is hot garbage and it doesn't look like it will improve much next year either. Howard will probably be scrambling for his life against the good teams the Buckeyes play.

Telling Kyle McCord to leave was probably the right decision by Ryan Day. McCord's ceiling isn't as high as Howard's, although his ceiling isn't exactly the sky. He at least moves better than McCord does so that should make the offense a little bit more dynamic.

I'm excited to see what Howard can do with a stable of five-star wide receivers. He didn't have that talent around him when he was with the Wildcats. This could be Day's last hurrah if things don't go well so he is going to let Howard loose from the get-go.

The next player on this list is someone who transferred out of the Ohio State football program.