These 2020 Ohio State football recruits are trying to make one last impact

For members of the Ohio State football team's 2020recruiting class, this is their last chance to make an impact.
Ohio State safety Lathan Ransom (8) celebrates a defensive stop against Wisconsin at Camp Randall
Ohio State safety Lathan Ransom (8) celebrates a defensive stop against Wisconsin at Camp Randall / Adam Cairns / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Ohio State football program brought back a lot of people from last season's squad. All of them wanted to come back to make a run at a national championship. The Buckeyes are a talented squad nonetheless and for the class of 2020, it's their last chance to make an impact.

Kids from this class have never experienced a season beating Michigan. Michigan canceled the 2020 game due to COVID-19 despite having plenty of players available. This class has never won a College Football Playoff game either. They have a lot to prove.

That's particularly true for some of the guys who will see significant playing time. Lathan Ransom is one of those guys. He could have left after last season to go to the NFL. He would have been drafted and he could've started playing professionally. Instead, he decided to come back to try to be a first-round draft pick and to win a national title.

Ransom has been impactful when he's been healthy. He has 146 tackles over the past three years. He's going to be a starter for the Buckeyes again this season and is going to be one of the most impactful players on a defense that is going to be elite.

Cody Simon is someone who is in line to start next season. This would be his best chance to be a starter and it looks like he will be based on the Spring Game. He's gotten a lot of playing time so far but hasn't made too much of a winning impact. Simon wants to change that this season.

Josh Fryar is the guy with the most to prove. The offensive line was not good at all last year. It was a problem that plagued them all year, especially in the run game. Fryar played poorly in the biggest game of the year. It looks like he's going to start at right tackle again. The Buckeyes are counting on him to improve.


All of these guys have a lot to prove. If they can all play to their capabilities, they will finally have the college resume that they all wanted.