The Ohio State basketball team is making the right move hiring Jake Diebler

The Ohio State basketball program is about to hire its new basketball coach for next season. Reports are that Jake Diebler will have the interim tag lifted and become the full-time coach.

Mar 3, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA;  Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Jake Diebler celebrates following
Mar 3, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Jake Diebler celebrates following / Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Ohio State basketball team will likely not see their name on the TV screen when the bracket for the NCAA Tournament is revealed later today. Despite winning six of seven games, they weren't able to beat Illinois on Friday and that likely ended their miracle run to March Madness.

Despite that loss, Jake Diebler showed that he is a capable coach who has the respect of his players. They responded to him right away when Chris Holtmann was fired in mid-February. Once Diebler came in, he made some changes that helped the Buckeyes start to play good basketball.

It seems that Ross Bjork has liked what he's seen from Diebler. Multiple reports indicate that Bjork will name Diebler as the head coach of the Ohio State basketball program, lifting the interim tag. He now will get to coach a full year with these players that he helped recruit.

This is the right move for the Buckeyes. While Diebler doesn't have any prior head coaching experience, he clearly has a bond with these current players. He also made tactical changes that show he can actually coach basketball during the game, which is something Holtmann struggled with.

Recruiting is going to be the big question mark with Diebler. Can he get the best recruits available for the program? Does he have enough name recognition to get his foot in the door? He's going to have to prove that he can get some of those elite players that Holtmann was able to bring in.

In today's day and age of college basketball, the gap between the biggest programs and the smaller ones is smaller than ever. Upsets happen all the time. Those upsets happen because of good coaching, not good recruiting. Diebler has that boxed checked for sure.


This is Bjork's first hire as AD. He's hoping this is a hire that will work out in the long run.