The 10 most memorable moments from the Ohio State football 2014 national title

It has been a decade now since the Ohio State football team won the first national championship of the Playoff era. We look back at the ten most memorable moments from that run.
Coach Urban Meyer gives quarterback Cardale Jones a pat on the head after Ohio State crushed
Coach Urban Meyer gives quarterback Cardale Jones a pat on the head after Ohio State crushed / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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8. The Ohio State football team loses to Virginia Tech at home

In the home opener, Ohio State was a big favorite over the Hokies of Virginia Tech. It was expected to be a fairly easy game for the Buckeyes. Instead, it was a total nightmare from the start for the Buckeyes and it was a game that almost ended their season before it got started.

Ohio State quickly found themselves down 21-7 at halftime but could never get on track offensively. Virginia Tech's bear front confused the offensive line and J.T. Barrett got killed in the pocket and had one of the worst games in his collegiate career, throwing three interceptions including one for a touchdown.

Barrett completed just nine passes, although they were for 219 yards. He was also sacked a whopping seven times. It was a complete failure from the offense, especially after the defense forced Virginia Tech into three turnovers. The offense just couldn't get it together.

After the game was finished, many Ohio State football fans thought the season was over. I have to admit, I put myself in that category as well. I left the stands and thought this team might lose two more games. It was that bad of a performance up front from the Buckeyes.

Boy, was I wrong. As we know, the team was able to rally and fix their issues up front and become one of the most dangerous offenses in college football. Barrett would play lights out for the rest of the season.

Our next memory was an event in the first road game that really gave the Buckeyes some life.