Ryan Day is embracing the pressure of the 2024 Ohio State football season

Ryan Day knows that this could be the last year he leads the Ohio State football program if things don't go well. He's embracing the pressure of this season.

Ohio State v Indiana
Ohio State v Indiana / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Ryan Day has led the Ohio State football program to a 56-8 record in his six years there, while also going 2-4 in Bowl Games. Losing is something that fan nor a team likes, even worse no fan or team ever wants to lose to their rival. Ryan Day has a 1-3 record in the biggest rivalry game in all of College Football. He has disappointed the fans, his team, and the whole college of Ohio State.

In addition to that, he lost Missouri in a very embarrassing fashion to end last season. It was a horribly coached game, and he let his ego play a factor the entire game. Also, he lost to Georgia back in the 2022 season, although that loss wasn't totally his fault.

2024 will have to be his year to show he correctly knows how to coach and run this program effectively. So far this offseason he's done very well, picking up some players in positions of need in the portal and getting some very good freshmen as well. But recruiting was never really the problem for Day, it's how he coaches in some of the biggest games. He fails to call the right play. Luckily he's handing that responsibility to Chip Kelly.

Ohio State will have two big games this year, Oregon and Michigan. The Buckeyes have more than enough talent to beat both of those teams, but if they were to lose against Oregon it probably wouldn't be too big of a deal. On the other hand, if Michigan, a team that has new players playing in almost every single position on offense, found a way to beat Ohio State, I think it would be time for Ryan Day to be removed.

The Buckeyes won't be able to afford to lose to both of those teams. However, even if Ryan Day does lose both, he could still sneak into the postseason, and as long as he has success in the postseason he should be fine. The rest of Day's career with Ohio State will depend on if he beast Michigan and leads Ohio State to a good postseason.



While it's still possible for Ryan Day to do the same as the past couple of years and still keep his job, I think it's do or die for his head coaching job at The Ohio State University.