Ohio State men's tennis team wins indoor national championship over TCU

The Ohio State men's tennis team is walking away with their third indoor national title after taking down TCU in New York.

Students play tennis in front of the Ohio Stadium at sunset...
Students play tennis in front of the Ohio Stadium at sunset... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Ohio State has done a great job of being really good at a lot of different sports. That's one of the things that Gene Smith needs to get more credit for. As he is on his way out the door, he needs to get more credit for hiring the right coaches for a lot of the non-revenue-generating sports.

One of those sports that has done really well in Smith's tenure is the men's tennis team. The Ohio State men's tennis team just won an indoor national championship by beating TCU 4-3. The final came down to the final set of the final match. That's how close it was.

The Buckeyes have now won three indoor national championships on the men's side. They took down Alabama, Harvard, and Virginia in order to get to the final. Now that they have beaten the Horned Frogs, they are 13-0 on the season combining their indoor and outdoor record.

Smith is hoping this isn't the last national championship he gets to see as athletic director. The women's hockey team is pretty good and made it to the finals last year. The women's basketball team is the second-ranked team in the country too. They are the most fun basketball team on campus to watch.

Congrats to the Ohio State men's tennis team! It would be great if they could add an outdoor championship this year too. Imagine if the Buckeyes could sweep the indoor and outdoor national championships. That would be very cool.

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Hopefully, those other teams can win a national title too.