Ohio State Football: What to do now at quarterback

After the loss to Missouri, the Ohio State football team needs to find an answer at the quarterback position.
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Ohio State football team lost to Missouri in the Cotton Bowl, in total a lot happened. The offensive line clearly needs to be fixed, and coaching either needs to be improved or replaced. But one of the bigger questions now for Ohio State is who is going to be the quarterback next year.

This question has been being asked ever since they lost to Michigan about a month ago. Kyle McCord, who originally people figured might start, has transferred to Syracuse. The Cotton Bowl was supposed to be Devin Brown's chance to show Ohio State he should start next year, but he went out very early in the game with an injury. Then Lincoln Kienholz, the freshman who stepped up when Brown got hurt, showed only a few good plays.

The Ohio State football program could start getting aggressive in the transfer portal. It seems that they already have been, talking to Will Howard. That might be a stop-gap, but it doesn't address the bigger issue at the position.

If they don't get a transfer quarterback and Devin Brown isn't good, their first option is Lincoln Kienholz. Despite him not having the best game ever, you can't really blame him. The offensive line practically let a man go past them every single play, and the playcalling was some of the worst we've seen from this team. With all of that, it was the freshman's first ever real game at this level. Adding all that up he was still able to make a few big throws.

Their second option is Air Noland. Noland would definitely be a risk. Put aside all of his talent, Ryan Day choosing to start Air Noland would pretty much be risking his job. As Kienholz showed a freshman struggles at first as quarterback, and if Ryan Day chooses and sticks with Air, and he plasy poorly that's on Day to blame. Als,o it's worth noting that under Ryan Day, Ohio State has never started a true freshman.

Between Noland and Kienholz, it's a rough answer. At first, Noland would be bound to struggle, due to the skill jump from high school to college. But at the same time, Kienholz is most likely going to struggle the same way.

Now clearly if the Buckeyes add a transfer quarterback, they are going to start without a doubt. Their very first target should be Will Howard and Cam Ward. Both are quarterbacks who have shown interest in Ohio State and have experience starting at the college level.

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Ohio State right now probably has zero clue as to what to do for a quarterback, but as shown in games the coaches aren't always making the best decisions. Buckeye fans just need to hope for once these coaches can make the right choice.