Ohio State Football: What if Devin Brown plays poorly in the Cotton Bowl?

With Devin Brown starting in the Cotton Bowl many think he will be the starter next year, but that's not totally true.
Toledo v Ohio State
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With Kyle McCord joining the Syracuse Orange through the NCAA transfer portal, and the Ohio State football team showing no urgency to get a quarterback from the transfer portal, there are still a few different ways of who will be the starter at quarterback next year.

Devin Brown has been named the starter for the Cotton Bowl, Brown gave McCord a battle for the quarterback spot this year. Though Brown was named the starter, Ryan Day said, "If the situation comes up to get Lincoln in the game, we would do that."

Despite Devin Brown starting the Cotton Bowl, being the solid starter next year is not 100%. Ryan Day has even said himself that the quarterback battle is very open, between Brown, Air Noland, and Lincoln Keinholz.

As for right now, however, Devin Brown is clearly the front-runner. Throughout all of practice, the main issue for Ryan Day and the Buckeyes is focusing on all three quarterbacks and deciding on who should end up as the starter.

As for who has the best chance to beat out Devin Brown next season, I believe it's Air Noland. Even though he will be a freshman, I see that he could easily be better than Kienholz. He seems to be more athletic, and a better passer. One of the few things Kienholz has over Noland is that he has a whole year under Day's offense. That added experience could be valuable.

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Whoever Ryan Day ends up choosing they should most likely end up doing just fine. The fans just need to trust that the Buckeyes can make the right choice based on what they can't see at practices. We'll see how the Cotton Bowl goes at the end of the week first before we decide that Brown isn't the guy though.