Ohio State football vs. Missouri: Three keys to victory in the Cotton Bowl

The Ohio State football team has one last game to play in 2023. Here are the keys to getting another win in the state of Texas in a bowl game and ending the college football season on a positive note.
Penn State v Ohio State
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The Ohio State football team is taking on Missouri in the Cotton Bowl for their final game of the 2023 season. It's a season that didn't end the way fans wanted to with a loss to TTUN crushing any hopes of playing for a national championship. That being said, there is still hope to end the year on a positive note.

A win in this bowl game would be big for the Buckeyes heading into next year. That's especially true if they can have Devin Brown step up and play well in a win over an SEC team. The Tigers are no slouch though. They will be a tough team to play in a location closer to their fans than it is for OSU fans.

There are three keys that I have for the Buckeyes to walk out of the Cotton Bowl with a victory. They need to do all of these things in order to get a win. Failing to do even one of these things could prove problematic for a team that has had a rough last 40 days or so.

The first key has to do with Brown and making him the best version of himself.

1. The Ohio State football team must keep Devin Brown as comfortable as possible

Devin Brown will be the starting quarterback for the Ohio State football team in this one now that Kyle McCord has left for Syracuse. This is Brown's first career start and it comes against the third-best team in the SEC and a top-ten-ranked opponent at a neutral site.

If Ohio State wants to win this game, they have to keep him comfortable. They need to get him in rhythm early with easy throws to build his confidence. I don't expect him to throw for 400 yards and 5 touchdowns or anything, but he needs to be efficient and turnover-averse.

It is absolutely essential that the offensive line gives him enough time to throw the ball. They got pushed back pretty much every pass play against Michigan, especially Donovan Jackson and Josh Fryar. They have to be better if the Buckeyes want to win this game.

The second key is something else that could help Brown out.