Ohio State football: Three teams who could trade up to draft Marvin Harrison Jr.

The first round of the NFL Draft starts tonight. Former Ohio State football player Marvin Harrison Jr. will be a first-round pick. Here are some teams who could move up to get him.
Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. could be the first non-quarterback selected in the 2024
Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. could be the first non-quarterback selected in the 2024 / Adam Cairns / USA TODAY NETWORK
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There is only one Ohio State football player who is a sure-fire first-round pick this year. It's Marvin Harrison Jr. He is the best receiver in the Draft despite some other receivers trying to make a move. Any team that ends up getting him is going to be getting a really good player.

Harrison Jr. was so polished while he was with the Ohio State football team. He gets out of his routes smoothly, he has great size, and his hands are out-of-this-world. Quite frankly, he's an almost perfect receiver prospect in my eyes. Still, some don't think he has a higher ceiling than other receivers.

Because he's such a good receiver, there are a lot of NFL teams that want to take him. Whatever team that takes him is going to get a player who is ready to contribute Day 1 for a team and could be the best receiver on a team. He's that good of a player.

There are three teams in the Draft who I could see trading up to make sure that they get this generational talent. All of these teams need receivers to help their young quarterback and they have the capital to go up in the Draft to get him. The Cardinals have the fourth pick and have already said their open for business, so this could happen.

The first team is actually just one spot behind the Cardinals in the Draft order.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

If there is any coach in the NFL who knows the value of Marvin Harrison Jr., it's Jim Harbaugh. He concocted an entire gameplan to contain Harrison Jr. in each of the last three seasons while he was at Michigan. He got to watch him tear up Michigan's secondary.

The Chargers are in need of a wide receiver to help Justin Herbert reach that next level. They lost both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams in free agency so they don't have a lot of help to give Herbert. He needs to have a weapon to throw to if the Chargers want to compete.

Sitting just one spot behind Arizona, they would have to give up the least to move up that one spot to draft Harrison Jr. Trading up to four would also ensure that they get their guy instead of risking another team jumping them and trading with the Cardinals to take him instead.

Harrison Jr. would be a great fit alongside Herbert. The Chargers' offense would become a lot more dangerous if he was on the field. There's still a chance that another team jumps them and they have to take another receiver though. But there's no doubt that they will be taking a receiver.

The next team that could move up to take him is a team that is drafting a quarterback in this Draft.