Ohio State Football: Strange choices who could potentially replace Ryan Day in 2024

With Ohio State football fans upset with Ryan Day over multiple losses over the past 3 years, here are some coaches who could end up being this replacement.
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Clearly many Ohio State football fans right think that Ryan Day is meeting the standard that needs to be met as the Buckeyes coach. So far Ryan Day has lost to TTUN 3 years in a row and 4 Bowl games. With that, many think he should be removed from his job as head coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes. If he does there are a couple of choices as to who could replace him.

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer used to be the Buckeyes head coach before Ryan Day took over in 2018. Ohio State fans loved Meyer for mainly one big reason, he knew how to beat TTUN every single year. Urban Meyer had a perfect 7-0 record against them.

He also led Ohio State to their National Championship win in 2014. He made a statement as one of the best Ohio State head coaches. He had an 89-9 record overall, he is a huge reason why Ohio State was so good every year. Bringing him back would be something that Buckeyes fans would love, but the chances of Meyer actually coming back are extremely low.

Mike Vrabel

Mike Vrabel played at Ohio State and also played in the NFL for the New England Patriots. Vrabel started his coaching as Ohio State's linebackers coach for Urban Meyer and Luke Fickell. He eventually left for the NFL, right now he is with the Tennessee Titans and it's looking more and more likely that we will not be in that position next year.

Even if they don't fire him, Mike Vrabel would probably rather go to an organization that was ranked within the top 10, than an underperforming NFL team. With him already being a coach with the Ohio State football program and playing at Ohio State he most likely would be familiar with the Buckeyes play style. He could use some of what he remembers from Urban Meyer when he was under him.

Jim Knowles

Jim Knowles is currently the defensive coordinator for Ohio State, he would be a quick and easy choice to replace Day. He has helped turn Ohio State's defense into what it is right now. It would help many players as he would be a face they already know, and he could use mistakes he himself saw the past couple of seasons to help make the Buckeyes win more.

Knowles with his defensive mind is a great recruiter, which is something a head coach needs to be. Jim Knowles has some experience being a head coach too, as he was the head coach at Cornell from 2004-09. Knowles would be an option that would most likely happen if Ryan Day does get removed.

Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel would be not only unlikely but would be hard to do. Currently, he is 71 years old and recently stepped down from being Youngstown State president. However, he was a head coach at Ohio State and beat TTUN 9 out of the 10 times he played them. He took the Buckeyes to three National Championships and won 1 against Miami. He was named the third-winningest head coach in Ohio State history as well.

The biggest problem getting him to come back would be the fact that he probably won't stay very long, and the Buckeyes would have a hard time even convincing him to come. It would be easier to hire a guy who would be more likely to stay multiple years.

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There are many choices for Ohio State if they need to replace Ryan Day, and every single person they could choose would probably be able to lead Ohio State to win more than Ryan Day.