Ohio State football still waiting for big fish to sign NLI

With early Signing Day here, the Ohio State football team is looking to fill out most of its 2024 recruiting class. They are still waiting for some big fish to sign their national letter of intent.
Michigan State v Ohio State
Michigan State v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages

The Ohio State football program currently has the second-best recruiting class in the country. It contains 22 prospects as of now. They are looking for the bulk of that class to sign now during Signing Day before the February signing period.

The class stays at number two overall right now despite having a couple of guys jump ship this month. Because of those recruits flipping, the Buckeyes are on high alert today. A couple of big fish haven't signed their national letter of intent as of the time of this publication.

One of those guys is the number one overall recruit in the country Jeremiah Smith. Smith is a receiver out of Florida and has been committed to the Buckeyes for about a year. I'm not worried about him signing based on the comments he made recently about other teams trying to get him to flip for money.

I am worried about Eddrick Houston. Houston is a four-star defensive end out of Georgia. He's been getting pushed hard by Georgia and Alabama. He is definitely a candidate to flip and sign with one of those programs today. In fact, I think it's more likely that he does than to sign with the Ohio State football program.

There's still a chance that the Buckeyes could make a late push to keep him. It's critical that they do because he is one of just two defensive linemen in this recruiting class. If they can't keep Houston, the defensive line becomes incredibly thin for the next couple of years.

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Most of the class should be signed by noon today. We will keep you updated on any flips that may happen in favor or against the Buckeyes. I have a feeling that more of the latter will happen than the former this year. Things can always change though.