Ohio State football: Seth McLaughlin commitment is great on one condition

The Ohio State football team got another commitment from the transfer portal on Saturday when former Alabama center committed to them. It's a great get for the Buckeyes but only on one condition.

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Since the Cotton Bowl ended, the Ohio State football program has been very active in the transfer portal. They have talked with a number of players and have landed their starting quarterback for 2024 from the portal and now they have added some help on the offensive line.

Former Alabama center Seth McLaughlin decided on Saturday morning to commit to the Ohio State football program. He will have one more year of eligibility left. He is an excellent blocker in both the run game and the passing game and is much better at both of those things than anyone else the Buckeyes have on the line right now.

This is a great get for the Buckeyes but on one condition. McLaughlin can't play center when he gets on campus. We all saw what happened in the Rose Bowl with his bad snaps. That wasn't just a Rose Bowl thing either. Anyone who watched Alabama all year long saw those issues happen in multiple games.

McLaughlin is a great addition to the offensive line as long as he ends up playing guard. He can clear out defenders up the middle in the run game and get to the second level. But he can't be the one snapping the ball to Howard next year. that would be a massive issue.

I give credit to Ryan Day for going out and getting the best possible offensive line that he could have gotten from the portal after he watched the offensive line be as bad as they were in the Cotton Bowl. He knew that he couldn't go into next year with the exact same offensive line.

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Day still needs to fire Justin Frye as the offensive line coach and move some other guys around up front, but this is a good start. McLaughlin will make an excellent addition to the Buckeyes as a guard.