Ohio State football program in a heavyweight fight for a big-time recruit

The Ohio State football program is in a fight with two other heavyweight programs for a top recruit.
Recruit Bo Jackson visits Ohio Stadium during the Ohio State, Michigan game.

Bo Jackson
Recruit Bo Jackson visits Ohio Stadium during the Ohio State, Michigan game. Bo Jackson / Lori Schmidt / Columbus Dispatch / USA

The Ohio State football program is trying to bulk up its 2025 recruiting class. Right now, they have a top-two class in the country. That would be the best recruiting class in school history, especially since there are still several prospects who are projected to commit to the Buckeyes soon.

One of those commits just announced his final three schools. That is running back Bo Jackson from Cleveland, Ohio. No, he is not the son of the other Bo Jackson. That doesn't mean that he isn't a really good running back. He's still a four-star recruit.

Jackson has a final three of some of the best programs in the country. Other than the Ohio State football program, he has Georgia and Alabama as the other two finalists. While the other two programs are powerhouses, the Buckeyes are favored to get Jackson.

In naming his final three schools, he left Michigan off the list. This is despite Tony Alford being the running backs coach who recruited him while he was still employed by Ohio State. Once again, Michigan fans are finding out why Ohio State was fine letting him go.

The Buckeyes are preparing for a visit from Jackson at the end of the month. He is also scheduled to visit Alabama in June. They are hoping that they are able to get a commitment from him before that visit. That way, he cancels the visit and the Buckeyes don't have to worry about losing him.

Jackson is a really good player too. He stands at six feet tall and weighs 202 pounds, so he's a bit of a bruiser. He can power his way to yards and get himself those tough ones in short yardage situations, Even though he's big, he still has a lot of speed to go with it.


Ohio State is the favorite. Let's see if they can land him.