Ohio State football: Predicting Marvin Harrison Jr.'s draft destination

With the anticipation and speculation surrounding the NFL Draft, many eyes are on the talent of former Ohio State football player Marvin Harrison Jr. and where he will go.
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Marvin Harrison Jr. was the best player in college football this year. Winning the Biletnikoff Award and being named a Heisman Finalist, it was no surprise that he declared for the Draft. He was the Ohio State football team's best offensive weapon a year ago.

The NFL draft is just around the corner and so far there's been a lot of changes for players and teams. Two of the biggest players in the Draft are USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams, and Ohio State's wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. There's many teams that want and need a wide receiver. Marvin Harrison Jr. is a player who will change a team, and today will look to see potential teams he could end up at.

One of the teams many thought Harrison would end up at was the Chicago Bears. The Bears have the No. 1 pick in the draft and it was a toss-up between him and Caleb Williams. But with the Bears trading former Buckeye Justin Fields to the Steelers, it's almost locked in that the Bears will be picking Caleb Williams with the No. 1 pick.

The same thing is probably true for the Washington Commanders with Drake Maye, and most likely the New England Patriots with Jayden Daniels.

So it will come down to the 4-6 picks. Those teams are the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Chargers, and New York Giants.

With the No. 4 pick, the Arizona Cardinals are now the most likely team for Marvin Harrison Jr. They need a receiver, and I don't see a situation where if he's on the board they don't take him. Right now their starting receivers are Michael Wilson, Greg Dortch, and Chris Moore, all of these guys are not by any means the best choice for any team.

But if something crazy happens and Arizona doesn't take Harrison Jr., then it's up to the Chargers and Former Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh. The Chargers released Kennan Allen and Mike Williams, who were their best wide receivers. Now they are stuck with Joshua Palmer and Quentin Johnston who showed problems all year. Drafting Marvin Harrison Jr. would help them a ton and would be a good spot for him.

Finally, if by some chance he drops to No. 6, the New York Giants will take him. The Giants are already projected to take a receiver at No. 6, so if Marvin Harrison Jr. is on the board there's no way they won't take him. And like every team I've said having Harrison would be a huge help to them.

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I don't see a world in which Harrison was to drop past the Giants. So as long as no more trades happen within the top 6 picks, those are the teams Marvin Harrison Jr. will most likely end up at.