Ohio State Football position previews 2024: Quarterbacks

The Buckeyes are still trying to determine a starter at this crucial position.
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This is the eighth in a series of articles that I will be submitting as position group rankings of the 2024 Ohio State football team from least concerning to most, based on my perceptions. These articles will conclude the week of the 2024 Ohio State Spring Game, scheduled for 12 pm ET on April 13th. As always, I encourage you to let me know what you think and let me know if you believe I have missed anything key in my analysis.

9th - Wide Receivers

8th - Defensive Backs

7th - Running Backs

6th - Special Teams

5th - Defensive Line

4th - Tight Ends

3rd - Linebackers

2nd - Quarterbacks

Player Lost ~ Kyle McCord (via transfer portal to Syracuse)

Players Returning ~ Devin Brown, Lincoln Keinholz

Players Arriving Via The Transfer Portal ~ Will Howard (from Kansas State), Julian Sayin (from Alabama)

Freshman Participating In 2024 Spring Practices: Prentiss "Air" Noland

Why This Ranking?

Kyle McCord was a common scapegoat for Ohio State fans throughout the 2023 season and announced his intention to enter the transfer portal back on December 4th, 2023. To try to revisit the hows and whys of McCord's decision is wasted energy, in my opinion - McCord is now at Syracuse, and Ohio State will go into the 2024 season with a new starter at the quarterback position.

The dreadful 14-3 Cotton Bowl loss to Missouri that saw Devin Brown and Lincoln Keinholz combine to complete 10 of 24 passes for 106 yards is another painful episode of the past that needs not to be revisited, except for one crucial lesson - Ohio State needed more experience at the quarterback position. It was shortly after this loss that Will Howard committed to Ohio State, after a solid 2023 season (219 completions of 357 attempts, 2643 yards passing, 24 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, plus 81 carries for 351 yards and 9 touchdowns rushing).

"Will" Howard Be The Starting Quarterback In 2024?

I apologize, as I know that was a dreadful joke. More than likely, yes, Howard should be the starter in 2024. Howard was projected to be a possible day 2 selection in the 2024 NFL Draft but decided to transfer to Ohio State, to improve his overall draft stock for the 2025 NFL Draft.

Howard's passing statistics from 2023 were not decidedly much different than Kyle McCord's (229/348, 3170 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, 6 interceptions), but Howard's mobility (McCord had 32 carries for -65 yards) is a marked improvement and should add another dimension to the Ohio State offense that was lacking in 2023.

So Are Devin Brown And Lincoln Keinholz Both Out Of The Picture For 2024?

Not necessarily. Devin Brown has made it abundantly clear to Ohio State fans everywhere that he is bound and determined to stick it out, with a Twitter post depicting Hernan Cortes burning the boats back in 1519, after arriving in The New World. Translation - there is no going back, only going forward.

While Devin Brown may not have been pleased with Ohio State's coaching decision to add Will Howard, the reality is that Brown has battled injuries in his Ohio State career. The addition of Will Howard was merely adding experienced depth at the quarterback position, and now Devin Brown can battle Will Howard for the starting job. As Devin Brown realizes, it can only take one play to take a starter off the field due to injury, and he may be called into action at a moment's notice.

Lincoln Keinholz was redshirted in 2023, only to be thrust into action in The Cotton Bowl after Brown was injured. While Keinholz is competing for the starting job, his role is likely to be that of a backup, with the intentions of winning the job in 2025.

Why Is Julian Sayin Listed As A Transfer? Isn't Sayin A True Freshman?

Yes, Sayin is a freshman, but he did sign with Alabama in December, only to be blindsided by the news that Nick Saban was retiring. Sayin then entered the transfer portal and enrolled at Ohio State in early January 2024.

Where Do Sayin And Air Noland Fit Into The Quarterback Depth Chart For 2024?

Both are freshmen who enrolled in January 2024 and are doing what they can to learn the Ohio State playbook and climb the depth chart. As I wrote about Lincoln Keinholz, both should be more in the mix for the starting job in 2025.

Here's The Important Question - Who Is Going To Transfer?

This is the question that everyone is asking and speculating about, but nobody knows. Spring practice will conclude after April 13th, and it is possible that someone will decide to transfer. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that nobody transfers, as the coaching staff will do their very best to keep all of these players up to date on where they respectively stand on the depth chart.

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The Ohio State quarterback position is always one of the most scrutinized positions by the fans, and this year is no exception, with so many players on the roster. It will be extremely important for Ryan Day and Chip Kelly to have their starter ready to go when the season kicks off on August 31st versus Akron.