Ohio State football: Offensive line recruiting falling short

The Ohio State football team signed three offensive linemen in the 2024 class. None of them are ranked in the top 130. That's a problem that needs to be addressed.
Maryland v Ohio State
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When looking at the 2024 Ohio State football recruiting class as a whole, it's pretty good. It's hard to call a top-five class a failure. They signed the number-one overall recruit and have the most five-stars of any program. Yet, there is one area that deserves scrutiny.

That area of the roster is the offensive line. The number of offensive linemen the Buckeyes are bringing in isn't the problem. They have four of them. The problem is the quality of the player and the pattern of failing to grab elite offensive line prospects over the last few years.

The highest-rated offensive line recruit for the Ohio State football program in this class is Ian Moore. He is a four-star prospect who is rated as the 137th-best player in the country at any position. The other three offensive linemen in this class are all three-star guys.

That would be perfectly fine if Justin Frye had a track record of being able to develop offensive line talent to outplay their ranking out of high school. It's safe to say that he does not. The offensive line was horrendous against TTUN save for one drive. Both tackle spots are a disaster.

Perhaps the lack of depth is the reason why the Buckeyes took three guys who aren't as highly touted. Depth goes to an issue of development though. Greg Studrawa still had better recruits than his successor, Frye. Frye has recruited just two four-star players since he took over the job. He hasn't recruited a single five-star offensive lineman.

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I told you that I think Frye needs to go. Ryan Day mentioned that he might look at staff changes once the bowl game is finished. That could include Frye. The offensive line hasn't gotten better in the last two seasons under his tutelage.