Ohio State football: Kyle McCord is officially afraid of competition

After a year playing with the Ohio State football team and entering the portal, it's clear Kyle McCord is afraid of competition.
Ohio State v Michigan
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At this point, one must ask if Kyle McCord is afraid of competition. After going 11-1 this season as the starting quarterback for the Ohio State football team, McCord jumped into the transfer portal a little over a week ago after speculation began to swirl that head coach Ryan Day had met with Kyle and possibly his father Derek.

The rumor is that the McCords asked Day for a guarantee that Kyle would be the starter at Ohio State again next season. If indeed this rumor is true, McCord’s presence in the portal tells you how Day answered.

McCord’s move to the portal after going 11-1 sent shock waves throughout all of college football and seemed to add fuel to the fire for many within Buckeye Nation who believed McCord wasn’t the man for the job when it came to leading the Ohio State offense. That didn’t seem to be a problem for the Nebraska faithful who were all too excited to welcome the McCord’s into Lincoln for the 2024 season.

That was until about 48 hours ago when the nation’s number one high school quarterback all of a sudden had a crystal ball flip from Georgia to Nebraska. One day later and now McCord is no longer trending to the land of corn.

Gee, I wonder why?

If McCord liked Nebraska and was ready to commit to Matt Rhule, only to cower now that Dylan Raiola is trending to committing to them, it’s finally time that even the biggest of McCord apologists call a spade a spade and come to grips with reality. McCord is scared of competition, which is just another poor trait for someone who believes himself to be QB1.

Even former Buckeyes have gone to X to express their disproval of the situation that Kyle finds himself in.

At this point, someone needs to step in and tell whoever is giving Kyle advice to just stop, even if that person is his father. Kyle could have stayed at Ohio State, led this team into the Cotton Bowl, and more than likely had a leg up over the competition in the off-season to be the starting quarterback in 2024. But instead, Kyle’s reputation is taking a major hit by the day.

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Who knows where this thing ends up? I do know one thing; I don’t want him to be the starter at Ohio State. Kyle McCord is a coward.