Ohio State football: Is Ryan Day waiting for the NFL playoffs to end to hire an OC?

The Ohio State football program is going to have a new offensive coordinator just as soon as Ryan Day makes a hire. Is he waiting for someone from the NFL playoffs to do so?
Ohio State v Michigan
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The Ohio State football team is going to look a lot different from a coaching staff standpoint next season. Two coaches have already been let go and a third is likely to be gone soon as well. Ryan Day is also finally letting go of some responsibility, something he should've done last year.

Day is reportedly going to hire an offensive coordinator to actually call plays. He had said before the start of last year that he was shifting playcalling duties to Brian Hartline, but that didn't end up actually happening. It seems like he's finally ready to do that now.

Why hasn't Day hired that offensive coordinator yet? Most programs around the country are pretty much done filling out their staffs. Perhaps the answer is that Day is looking for someone in the NFL who is currently in the playoffs and not available for an interview yet.

Who could those candidates be? It's unclear. It has been speculated that Day is looking for someone from the NFL to help him out, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's looking for someone who is still in the playoffs. We may not get a hire for another week or two if that's the case.

The faster the hire is made, the faster we will learn the fate of Justin Frye. He is someone who I think needs to be let go, but Day is apparently letting the new hire do anything he wants with the staff, save for Hartline. He is the only one who is guaranteed safety by the time the new guy gets in.

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I don't know who the new guy will be. I do know that Day needs to have more consistency on the offensive side of the ball next season. I'm very intrigued to see what the offense looks like.