Ohio State football has another player flip, this time to Oregon

The Ohio State football program is finishing this recruiting class with a whimper as they lose their third recruit this month.

Ohio State v Notre Dame
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For the third time this month, the Ohio State football program is having a kid flip to another school. They lost a five-star defensive end to Miami at the beginning of the month. A few days ago, they lost a running back to Miami. Now the Buckeyes lose a receiver to Oregon.

That receiver is four-star prospect Jeremiah McClellan. He is a 6-foot 190-pound receiver from St. Louis who had previously pledged his allegiance to the Buckeyes. Instead, he was flipped by Oregon and he has decided to sign his national letter of intent with them.

The Ohio State football team is having another bad closing period for a recruiting class

This is yet another blow to the Buckeyes at the end of a recruiting period. The Buckeyes have done an extremely poor job of closing classes in the last few seasons under Ryan Day. It seems that they are the ones who have prospects flip on instead of the ones doing the flipping.

This is also one of the few times that Brian Hartline has lost a recruit from his room. He usually locks kids down, even in a very competitive room. Because that room is still so flush with talent, including two five-star receivers in this class, losing McClellan isn't a massive blow.

It's still never a good thing to be losing recruits on Signing Day. There's still a chance that the Buckeyes could lose a couple more guys before the day is over as well. I'm not sure why Day can't seem to close to deal with some of these kids, but it's concerning.

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At this point, it would be very surprising if the Buckeyes kept their recruiting class as a top-two class in the country. I bet they drop to three or even four before the day is over.