Ohio State Football: Confidence level against Missouri

Contributor Eric Boggs writes one final confidence level article for this season as the Ohio State football team squares off against Missouri in the Cotton Bowl.

The last time Ohio State played Missouri was in 1998.
The last time Ohio State played Missouri was in 1998. / Mark Lyons/GettyImages
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Total Confidence Level

My total confidence level score for this game is 62%. That is the second lowest it’s been this entire season and only 10% higher than where I was when the Buckeyes played against TTUN. Another way to look at this percentage is if these two teams were to play one another 100 times, Ohio State would win 62 of those games.

That’s not a very high percentage when you compare it with the other percentages I have had in past contests. This is a top-10 matchup, however, and when you consider that this was the third-best team in the SEC this season, one might consider 62% as a pretty high number.

Day has never defeated an SEC team as a head coach with losses to both Alabama and Georgia.  If Day is going to get his first win over an SEC team and keep the Ohio State football program's perfect record in the Cotton Bowl intact, then he is going to need a great game from first-time starter Devin Brown.

I for one am looking forward to watching Brown and to see if Day’s play calling will change with a new quarterback under center.