Ohio State football already has first Spring entrant into the transfer portal

While the transfer portal is closed right now for members of the Ohio State football program, one player has already indicated that he will be entering the portal in the Spring.

Ohio State v Purdue
Ohio State v Purdue / Bruce Yeung/GettyImages

The Ohio State football program used the transfer portal quite a bit after the Cotton Bowl. Players used it a lot as well after 14 players left the Buckeyes at the end of the season, although one decided to come back. They will have another player entering the portal once it opens again in the Spring.

That player is tight end Sam Hart. Hart is a junior with the Buckeyes and came in that 2021 recruiting class. He did play in five games in 2022 but is looking to move on. Hart will have two years of eligibility left once he finds a new home after entering the portal.

Looking at the roster, this is no surprise. Hart was never going to see significant snaps while he was with the Ohio State football program. There are too many tight ends ahead of him on the depth chart, even with Cade Stover now gone. Hart is looking for more playing time elsewhere.

It is unusual for a player to announce already that they will be headed into the portal in the Spring. There are still a few months before the Buckeyes even start Spring ball and the 2023 season ended just a week ago. I guess there was no reason for Hart to further delay his decision.

As for the Buckeyes, they will remain active in the portal. They might be able to add a player from Alabama before the window closes for them. We'll see if they are able to accomplish that feat or not. Ryan Day does seem to be embracing the portal more than in his previous seasons.

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Ohio State needs to be ready to win next year with all of the talent they have. Hart wasn't going to be in those plans, so he made the best decision for him. We wish him nothing but the best.