Ohio State football: A new contender at right guard emerges

The offensive line for the Ohio State football team is anything but set in stone as a new contender for the starting right guard position has emerged.

Mar 5, 2024; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes offensive lineman Luke Montgomery (51) runs
Mar 5, 2024; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes offensive lineman Luke Montgomery (51) runs / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The Ohio State football team is trying to make sure that their offensive line is up to snuff this season. It wasn't in 2023. In fact, it was the weakest unit on the offensive line. The Buckeyes only lose one starter up front but still might make some changes to the unit.

We know about the battle at center between Carson Hinzman and Seth McLaughlin. Hinzman seems to be leading that right now but that fight is far from over. Right tackle was thought to be a position of change too, along with right guard. A new contender at guard has now emerged.

Luke Montgomery was seen getting some first-team reps in some of the first couple of Spring practices. He was thought to be battling Josh Fryar for the right tackle spot. Montgomery redshirted last year as a freshman but has a ton of talent as an offensive lineman.

Montgomery was a four-star recruit coming out of Findlay, Ohio. He spent most of last year working on his body to get his weight up and get a little bit stronger. Now that he's been in the strength and conditioning program for an entire year, he's ready to see game action.

If Montgomery were to win the guard job, then either McLaughlin or Hinzman is likely to be the man left out as a starter. Ryan Day seems committed to keeping Josh Simmons as the starter at left tackle, although I think he should have to battle it out with someone else.

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It's very early in Spring and nothing is set in stone yet. But it's interesting to see a new contender emerge at right guard. It might be the thing I am watching the most leading up to the Spring Game. I think it's the most important battle on the offense.