Ohio State football: A Buckeye Christmas wish list

For most Buckeye fans who celebrate Christmas, they may find a present or two under the tree this season with a scarlet and gray theme. What if we could magically pick a couple of gifts for ourselves?
UAB v Ohio State
UAB v Ohio State / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages

I know for a fact that Jolly Ol’ Saint Nicholas is an Ohio State football fan. For one, he loves the color scarlet. For two, I’ve seen him walking around The Horseshoe on gameday on several occasions. I know I can’t be the only one to have seen the rosy-cheeked man from the North Pole sporting the home team’s colors in and around the house that Harley built.

While Santa may enjoy watching and cheering on the Buckeyes, this is the day that he shines, visiting the homes of children all across the world, and dropping presents under the tree for those who believe.

With that being said, we recently ran a segment on The OHIO Podcast where we talked about what Ohio State-themed presents, we would love to open on Christmas day. One present was a gift that could happen. The second was one that couldn’t be possible to open from under a tree but would be great nonetheless. The following were my choices, but if you would like to watch the full segment, feel free to watch the video below.

One that could happen

Imagine this scenario. You wake up on Christmas morning and make your way to the Christmas tree where you find a gift waiting for you under the tree that wasn’t there the night before when you carefully placed all of the gifts strategically around the tree. As the gifts are passed out, this mysterious gift wrapped with scarlet paper and gray ribbon with a gray bow has your name on it. What would you like to see when you open this special Buckeye gift?

As for me, I have been collecting Ohio State football memorabilia for several years. There aren’t too many autographs that I don’t possess in one way or another except for one. There is one autograph that has somehow avoided me during my years of collecting and that is a Woody Hayes autograph.

You can find copies just about anywhere, but finding an authentic John Hancock of Ohio State’s legendary headman isn’t easy. There are a few floating around, but the price is astronomical and some of them are personalized, which wouldn’t make sense unless they were personalized to someone with your exact name.

One that would be impossible

As for the Buckeye-themed gift that I couldn’t open, we would need some magical Christmas elf dust to make this happen. The 2006/07 sports season was a great year for Ohio State. It was great all except for one thing, they lost in both the College Football BCS National Championship and the NCAA basketball championship game to the University of Florida. If I could somehow wake up on Christmas morning and history was rewritten where in 2006/07 the Buckeyes had won both National Championships over Florida, I feel like all would be right with the world.

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Obviously, this second gift isn’t possible. What Buckeye gifts would you like to find under the tree? What impossible gift would you like to see or find one day if possible? Something to think about on this day of magic. Merry Christmas Buckeye Nation.