Ohio State Football: 3 candidates for last open coaching position

The Ohio State football team still has one more spot to fill on its coaching staff. Here are three candidates for the position.
Oct 28, 2023; Madison, Wisconsin, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes assistant coach James Laurinaitis warms
Oct 28, 2023; Madison, Wisconsin, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes assistant coach James Laurinaitis warms / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The Ohio State football team has reworked its coaching staff this offseason. Bill O'Brien has been brought in to coach quarterbacks and be the play-caller. Matt Guerrieri has replaced Perry Eliano as safeties coach. Former quarterbacks coach Corey Dennis will transition into a new role within the Ohio State football department. But there is still one more open spot on the coaching staff with the firing of former special teams coach Parker Fleming.

So, where will the Buckeyes turn? Do they bring in another defensive coach or will they add another special team's coordinator? It's likely the former, and Ohio State has Keenan Baily and other grad assistants who should be able to handle the special teams. Here are three options for Ryan Day to consider.

No. 1) James Laurinaitis, Ohio State GA

This is the obvious one. Jim Knowles is the linebacker's coach in title only. The day-to-day of the room belongs to James Laurinaitis. Ryan Day really values Laurinaitis as a recruiter as he put him on the road this offseason and it seems to be working. Laurinaitis will be a full-time staff member sooner or later. The question remains, when?

No. 2) Jason Taylor, Miami defensive line coach

Assuming Laurinaitis is happy with being a grad assistant for one more year, Ryan Day can go out and pluck an extra defensive line coach to transition the reins away from Larry Johnson, who could be considering retirement soon. Taylor fits the bill for what Ohio State is looking for. While he's only coached at the collegiate level for two seasons, he seems to be an excellent recruiter, and he did a great job in turning Miami's defensive lines into one of the best in the ACC last season. It also doesn't hurt that he's a former NFL Hall of Fame player.

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No. 3) Inoke Breckterfield, Washington defensive line coach

Currently, Breckterfield's coaching status is uncertain. He has not been linked to joining Kalen DeBoer's coaching staff at Alabama, yet, and it's not yet determined if he will remain at Washington. But Breckterfield is widely respected as one of the better defensive line coaches in the country. He's coached the lines at UCLA, Pitt, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, and Washington. He would be an ideal candidate to help replace Larry Johnson if that's the route Ohio State wants to take.