Ohio State Basketball: Reviewing Buckeyes Basketball season so far

The Ohio State basketball team so far isn't ranked but that could easily change in a matter of games. They are currently 10-2 and play some more games where they should win soon.
CBS Sports Classic: UCLA v Ohio State
CBS Sports Classic: UCLA v Ohio State / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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The next game this Ohio State basketball squad played, they practically knew it would be a cakewalk as they would play the 0-4 Western Michigan. The Buckeyes still showed aggression and played as if they would against any other team. Ohio State continues to show outstanding teamwork passing the ball all over the court before making the right shot.

Despite playing an easy team, Ohio State was able to use this game to develop. As a team, they were able to gain a bond and show the same intensity for each team they played. The stats between the players on this Buckeyes team are very easily divided due to how much teamwork this team has. Ohio State won and then moved to 3-1.

The Crimson Tide was next on Ohio State's chopping list. Bruce Thornton was able to get 29 points on the night, and the whole Buckeyes team was able to get 8 more rebounds than Alabama with 32. And was able to go 28-30 on free throws, and 27-50 in field goal range.

Ohio State was able to get the win 81-92, a win like this meant a lot because Alabama was ranked 17 at the time. Ohio State's defense showed up once again, getting 9 steals. They even held Alabama 20 points under their average, Alabama at the time was rated the highest scoring team. Each game the Buckeyes have played so far they've improved more and more.

Now 4-1 the Buckeye went to face Santa Clara, Ohio State was able to hand SCU their first loss of their season. Jameson Battle was the lead of the team this game, getting 21 points, 1 rebound, and 1 steal. Ohio State was able to have the lead the entire game, it's because of once again their defense. They had 4 blocks and 8 steals, scoring on this Buckeyes defense is clearly a problem for every team.

Ohio State had a comfortable win, winning by 30 with the final score being 86-56. Beating the undefeated Broncos led to people believing Ohio State could finally end up being ranked. As a whole, this game meant a lot for the next couple of games this Buckeyes team was going to play.