Ohio State Basketball: Reviewing Buckeyes Basketball season so far

The Ohio State basketball team so far isn't ranked but that could easily change in a matter of games. They are currently 10-2 and play some more games where they should win soon.
CBS Sports Classic: UCLA v Ohio State
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The Ohio State basketball team is better than what's represented by the rest of the league. They are not ranked within the top 25, but they are still 10-2. Each game the Buckeyes have fought to win and showed flashes of talent. But how was each game and what were the struggles?

Their very first game was against the Oakland Golden Grizzles, Ohio State was able to grind out a win with the final score being 79-73. The lead scorer for this Buckeyes squad was forward Zed Key, he had 18 points for that night. Key also led in rebounds with 8, while Roddy Gayle Jr has 5 assists, the most on the team.

In this game, Ohio State had 42 rebounds, 13 turnovers, and was 28% from three-point range, and 46.2% from field goal range. Ohio State was also able to get 30 points within the paint. For their first game, they showed a lot of teamwork, throwing up some ally oops, and some great connections on passing. They also showed that they work a lot better inside the paint, compared to shooting in the 3-point range. Out of the 25 threes they put up, they made 7.

After being 1-0 Ohio State would go play Texas A&M. In this game, the Buckeyes showed some outstanding defense in the first half, but couldn't seem to finish on the offensive side of the ball. On defense in the first half, they were able to get a hand on the ball each time a shot was taken. But after they got the ball back from their defense, they would be running back to play defense from a missed basket.

Bruce Thornton led the Buckeyes with 24 points, and Roddy Gayle Jr was able to lead with 6 assists and 7 rebounds. But they were also able to get 10 blocks and 2 steals. The defense was present this game, but due to a lack of offense, the Buckeyes lost to Texas A&M 73-66, making the Buckeyes 1-1.

The Buckeyes would move to play Merrimack, this game Ohio State won fairly easily, winning by 24 points. The final score was 76-52. The Buckeyes truly started to pull away towards the 9 minute mark of the 2nd half.

In this game, Ohio State seemed to find out that the fewer threes they shoot the more points they make. Ohio only shot 13 three-pointers and made 8 of them. This allowed them to shoot more shots inside the paint and led them to make more shots. They were also able to get 9 steals, assisting them in their lockdown defense. With all of this Ohio State made a pretty easy win to advance them to 2-1.