Ohio State basketball loses to bad Michigan team as January slide continues

The Ohio State basketball team loses yet another game in the month of January as the annual Chris Holtmann tradition continues.

Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Stop me if you've heard this before; Ohio State loses to Michigan. This time, it was the Ohio State basketball team who lost, losing to a Michigan team that had lost five straight games coming into this game. The Buckeyes fell to TTUn 73-65 to lose their third straight game.

Once again, it was poor shooting from the outside that did the Buckeyes in. They shot just 12% from three after going 3/25. They actually took care of the ball, only turning it over four times. Yet, they still can't shoot from outside, something that has plagued Holtmann's team for years.

As bad as Ohio State was from three, Michigan was the exact opposite. They shot 52% from deep after being left open time and time again. Ohio State's defense did nothing to stop them from making their outside shots except for a four or five-minute stretch in the second half.

Ohio State did go on a 16-0 run to take a four-point lead in the second half before promptly giving up a 7-0 run and giving up the lead for good. This team clearly is not clutch and can't play in close games down the stretch. There's really n more to it than that.

It's the same song and dance every year for this Ohio State basketball team. I'd expect the Buckeyes to lose another three games in the month of January before it's over. It's a Holtmann tradition. Michigan is one of the worst teams in the conference and they still couldn't beat them.

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There's really not much left to say. Bruce Thornton is the only consistent source of offense for this team. Holtmann needs to go. Fans have gotten apathetic about the team. That's the worst part. Fans are starting to not care because of what he's done. He's got to go.