Is it truly natty or bust for the Ohio State football team?

Going into the season there are a ton of factors that have made fans start to believe it's a National Championship or bust for Ryan Day and the Ohio State football team. Is it true?
Ryan Day is the head coach of the Ohio State football team.
Ryan Day is the head coach of the Ohio State football team. / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

With creating one of the best college football rosters in recent history and coming off three straight losses to Michigan, many fans have been saying it's national championship-or-bust in 2024 for the Ohio State football team. But is it really? I mean would Ryan Day really lose his job if he beats Michigan but ends up losing the Championship, or maybe not even make it there? Or could what fans really mean is it's beat Michigan or bust?

I feel like with the recruiting Day has done if he's able to beat Michigan and then go on to at least make it far in the new playoff system people should still be happy enough for him to keep his job. One thing is certain though no matter how far he gets if he loses to Michigan he's gone, unless he was able to redeem himself by winning the championship.

A Big Ten assistant coach agreed, "It's not national title or bust, but it's certainly beat Michigan or bust. ... This is maybe the most talented roster [Ryan] Day has had since he took over. ... Nothing really matters until they can get Michigan off their backs in November."

If he does lose to them and doesn't at least make the National Championship I believe many fans will start grouping him with John Cooper, who was 2-10-1 against Michigan. Ryan Day is close to Cooper when it comes to losing to Michigan three straight seasons in a row.

Even with the team the Buckeyes have if Day beats Michigan but doesn't win the Championship he's going to keep his job. It's the same thing the other way around, if he wins the Championship but loses to Michigan he also will keep his job. All Ryan Day has to do is not make dumb choices and just let his team play because they have plenty of talent.

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The Ohio State football team has a great shot to win it all, thankfully for Day.