How Justin Fields can resurrect his career in Pittsburgh

After wondering where he was going to go for the last few months, Justin Fields will be in Pittsburgh. Here's how he can resurrect his career there.

Nov 8, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;  Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) scrambles
Nov 8, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) scrambles / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Fields was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday. The former Ohio State football player was set up for failure from the second he got drafted by the Bears. He had little to no offensive line, almost no one could catch the ball on his team, and he had to go through different coaches in a short amount of time. Yet, the Bears still believe he was the problem. Now the Bears will draft and start Caleb Williams after building a good team so far in the offseason.

Is Justin Fields in a better spot now? Well, he will compete with Russell Wilson this offseason for the starting spot, but he does have a decent offense to work around. When competing with Wilson, Fields will become a lot better. The Steelers have a new offensive coordinator, Arthur Smith, which also might make his chances of starting go up.

With the move to Pittsburgh, we might see the old Justin Fields who led Ohio State to a National Championship Game appearance in 2020. He will have to learn when to leave the pocket and run, and when to just step up in the pocket and make the throw because that's something he struggled with all of his years at Chicago.

Just getting to be in a new place should be better for Fields. He's younger and faster than Wilson and can be more dynamic. If Wilson gets hurt at any point, Fields can pounce and take that job for good. His arm is stronger than Wilson's too. He just has to make better decisions with the ball.

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Fields should be in a better spot for the second part of his career. He's still extremely young and has all of the tools to be a franchise quarterback now that he's with a competent franchise.