How good the Ohio State football team's offense can be under Chip Kelly

With Chip Kelly now the Offensive Coordinator for the Ohio State Buckeyes, what will the offense look like in 2024? Last season, the Buckeyes offense left a lot to be desired when it came to scoring and keeping up with elite defenses.

UCLA v Oregon State
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With Chip Kelly stepping into the role of Offensive Coordinator for the Ohio State football team, anticipation swirls around how he'll reshape the team's offensive identity. Last season's offensive performance left fans hungry for more, despite a respectable record marred by struggles against top-tier defenses. But with Kelly at the helm, the Buckeye faithful are hopeful for a resurgence.

Drawing insights from Kelly's tenure at UCLA offers a glimpse into what the future might hold. Known for his innovative offensive schemes, Kelly's playbook is a tapestry of fast-paced, spread concepts designed to keep defenses on their toes. While the departure of quarterback Kyle McCord to Syracuse and the arrival of Will Howard from Washington might necessitate adjustments, but the foundation of Kelly's offensive philosophy remains intact.

Expectations are high for a return to the dynamic, high-scoring brand of football that Kelly is renowned for. With an arsenal of talented pass catchers at his disposal, including a burgeoning star in Devin Brown, Kelly's spread offense could unleash the full potential of the Buckeyes' offensive firepower.

While Howard may lack the nimble athleticism of Dante Moore, who flourished in Kelly's option-heavy scheme at UCLA, his proficiency as a signal-caller combined with Brown's dual-threat capabilities could provide a formidable one-two punch. Buckeyes fans eagerly await the unveiling of Kelly's revamped offense, hopeful that it will usher in a new era of dominance for Ohio State football.

Additionally, Kelly’s flexibility as a coach means adapting his strategies to maximize the strengths of his staff. With a mix of experienced veterans and promising newcomers, the Buckeyes boast the talent needed to execute Kelly’s vision on the field.

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Whether it’s a quick tempo passing attack or strategic option plays, Kelly’s track record suggests he’ll find new ways to put points on the board as the season progresses and all eyes will be on Ohio State to see how Kelly offensively talented him to find the team wealth changes.