Does the Ohio State football team have a chance to land Mike Vrabel?

After Mike Vrabel was surprisingly fired by the Titans and the Patriots decided to give their head coaching job to Jerrod Mayo, Vrabel is still available. If Ryan Day doesn't win enough next year, is there any shot that Vrabel will sit out a year and then lead the Ohio State football program?
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Ryan Day will have an absolutely loaded 2024 Ohio State football team. He has almost his entire defense back, two great running backs, and a great crop of receivers yet again. He really has no excuse not to win next season. This team will be a top-three team in the preseason polls.

If he does fail to beat Michigan again and doesn't win the Big Ten, Day will be out. His seat is burning hot right now and Ohio State will have both a new AD and a new President who have no loyalty to him. He won't be leading the Ohio State football program anymore if he doesn't do one, or both, of those two things.

Let's say that does happen. Do the Buckeyes have any shot of landing Mike Vrabel as their next head coach? Vrabel is still on the job market after the New England Patriots chose Jerrod Mayo as Bill Belichick's successor. He hasn't interviewed with anyone yet either.

Is there any way that Vrabel will be available to coach in 2024? Could he possibly sit out a year and come back to lead his alma mater? As much as I would love for that to happen, I don't think that's realistic. I think Vrabel will land another head coaching job in the NFL in this cycle.

I've also heard that Vrabel doesn't want to return to coach in college. He doesn't want to deal with the transfer portal or NIL, both of which have drastically changed the landscape of college football. He has never been a head coach at the collegiate level either.

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Do I think it's impossible he leads Ohio State in 2024? No. I do think it's extremely unlikely though. I give it about a 1% chance of happening for a variety of reasons.